Policies and Procedures

KidzConnection accepts children ages 3-4. The child must reach their third birthday on or before December 1 in order to enroll. Children should be potty trained before attending.


Click here for the 2023-2024 KidzConnection school calendar.

Program Hours

Classes meet from 9:15am-12:15pm. Please be prompt in bringing your children so that they may get the full benefit of our program. DO NOT DROP YOUR CHILD OFF WITHOUT SUPERVISION. For the safety of all of the children enrolled at KidzConnection, all exterior doors will remain secured once the school day begins.  If you need to drop of your child late or pick them up early, you may either call ahead or ring the doorbell and a staff member will come out to help you.

Weather Cancellations

If we are forced to cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances (including but not limited to weather cancellations, hurricanes, epidemics, states of emergency, etc.), you will be notified via robocall, text message, and/or email and a message will be placed on the website and the News 12 website. Please understand that we cannot be responsible for acts of Mother Nature or other uncontrollable forces. Class cancellations do not affect your monthly tuition.

Drop Off & Pickup Procedures

Children will not be allowed to leave school with anyone except parents and persons designated to pick up the child. An authorization form will be sent home so you can designate who may pick up your child. If someone else (not on that list) is to pick up your child, please email the school director. Verbal messages brought by your child cannot be accepted. Anyone picking up your child will need to show photo identification.

Health and Hygiene

KidzConnection will make every effort to protect the health and safety of the children. Cooperation of parents in helping to prevent the spread of communicable diseases is of great importance.

All children must have a medical history on file completed by a licensed physician prior to admission. Parents must provide a record of standard immunizations.

Children should NOT attend school if they have any of the following symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Discharge in ears/eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Diarrhea
  • Colored Runny Nose
  • Skin Rash

Children cannot return to school until they have been completely symptom free for 24 hours. Special Note: They must be fever free without Tylenol, Motrin etc.. for 24 hours before returning to school. If your child develops any of these symptoms at school you will be notified to pick him/her up immediately.

KidzConnection will not administer medication or apply any lotions to any child. 


Please dress your child in play clothing for his/her days at KidzConnection. It greatly inhibits your child’s play to worry about protecting “good” clothing. Every child needs a complete change of clothing including underwear and socks in a clear plastic bag to stay in their backpack at all times. All items in it should be clearly labeled with your child’s name. All outerwear (sweaters, coats, gloves, etc.) must be labeled with your child’s name. KidzConnection assumes no responsibility for lost, misplaced, or stolen articles.

Snack Time & Food Allergies

Each child will bring their own snack and water bottle. Due to the presence of allergies, peanut-free snacks are required.

Please let the school director know of any food allergies your child may have so it can be added as a note on your account. If you are planning to bring anything for the class to enjoy (birthdays, etc.) please email the school director ahead of time. We ask that if you bring in food for the class that you also bring along the ingredients list. When bringing in something please keep it simple. During Party Weeks, KidzConnetion will provide juice/water, pretzels, chips, and cookies. If your child has any food allergies please leave us a list of acceptable alternatives. For the preschoolers who cannot consume the above, we will be happy to accommodate you with snacks that do not cause any allergic reactions, or you may bring in your own snack if you like.


All children have difficulty separating from parents, occasionally. New children usually have an adjustment period during which separation is difficult. We encourage you to view this as normal and typical behavior for a young child and not to be unduly upset by it. It is easier for everyone if you separate quickly and matter-of-factly when arriving with your child. The staff is trained to help your child in his/her transition to the school and we will be aware of, and responsive to, each child’s needs.

Parent Conferences

The staff and parents need an open door of communication in order to provide the best possible school experience for each child. Therefore, if you are concerned about any aspect of the Preschool please feel free to schedule an appointment with the Director or your child’s teacher.

Things your child will need
  • A change of clothes including socks marked with your child’s name.
  • Completed immunization record prior to the first day of school.
Special Circumstances

We would appreciate your letting us know of any significant changes in living arrangements or other circumstances in your home. Our knowing will allow us to better assist your child in dealing with these changes.

Tuition and Billing
  • A non-refundable registration fee is required to guarantee your child’s place in a classroom. We have the right to cancel any class for lack of enrollment. In this case your registration fee would be refunded to you. 
  • Payments are based on a yearly tuition price divided down into ten monthly installments for your family’s convenience. Each installment will be charged to the credit card or debited from the bank account on file September 1st thru June 1st.
  • Tuition is due the 1st of each month; tuition received later than the 10th of the month will be assessed a $15 Late Charge. 
  • There are no make-up days.
  • For any child leaving the program, a 30-day written notice is required.
  • Family discounts described are for immediate family only. KidzConnection Management will have the final decision regarding family discount eligibility.
  • All accounts with KidzConnection have one primary account holder. This is the account holder that registers and signs the registration form. This account holder will be the one considered financially responsible for the account. All arrangements for split payments must be made outside of KidzConnection.
  • There will be a $25 NSF fee for all checks returned from the bank or for any disputed credit card transactions.